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Price: USD $495.00

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Empower yourself to be a mediation expert! This course equips attorneys with the skills to navigate commercial mediation and secure the best results for their clients. Gain a deeper understanding of the mediator's role, develop winning strategies, and acquire critical tactics like interest-based negotiation and developing powerful opening statements. 

Keys topics covered will include: 

  • Selecting the perfect mediator for your case
  • Pre-mediation client counseling: BATNAs, RPs, BAGs, and more
  • Working with the mediator
  • Framing an advantageous opening statement in mediation.
  • Collaborative strategies for success

Become a negotiation powerhouse and client champion by strengthening your mediation skills!


Harold Coleman, Jr., Esq.
Wolf von Kumberg
F. Peter Phillips


As part of its long-standing, ongoing educational mission, the American Arbitration Association grants a limited number of scholarships that cover the cost of educational program registration. Scholarship eligibility is limited to students, government workers, retired professionals, arbitrators/mediators who are no longer active on the AAA roster, and others as may be determined by the AAA. To request a registration fee scholarship, please send an email to Include your current position and affiliation, and a brief description of the basis for your registration fee scholarship request. The American Arbitration Association reserves the right to grant or deny any request based on the information provided by the requesting individual and available space in the program.


West LegalEdcenter is procuring continuing legal education (CLE) credits on behalf of American Arbitration Association. This program is available for CLE credits in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. Credit amounts vary by attendance verification and jurisdictional rules and cannot be confirmed in advance of the program.