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Locked Arbitration Unlocked - Module VI. Mastering the Main Event: Arbitration Hearing Excellence

  • By Earl Hassel
  • Published: Apr 4, 2024
  • Duration 35m
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35 Minutes

Elevate your arbitration advocacy skills with "Mastering the Main Event: Arbitration Hearing Excellence." This informative and practical program, presented by experienced arbitrators, empowers legal advocates with the skills and insights required to succeed in conducting effective and persuasive arbitration hearings.

Arbitration hearings are pivotal stages where cases come to life, and the skills advocates employ can profoundly impact their clients' outcomes. Get proven techniques to deliver clear and compelling presentations that captivate arbitrators, while upholding standards of professionalism. Experts will reveal preparation pointers, persuasive advocacy methods, smooth witness handling, and more.


Linda Gerstel, Esq. – New York, NY

Merriann Panarella, Esq.- Dispute Resolution Services - Natick, MA

The AAA does not offer CLE in any jurisdiction for our on-demand programs, but you may be able to use a copy of the certificate available at the conclusion of the course to submit for CLE credit on your own (we recommend that you confirm availability of CLE in your jurisdiction for this type of course).

Total: USD $35.00