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Locked Using Guided Choice to Increase Satisfaction with the Value of Mediators

  • Published: Feb 5, 2024
  • Duration 1.7h
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102 Minutes

Obtaining a positive result in mediation is important. Getting there in an efficient and expedited fashion is just as important to the business parties for whom effective use of resources is critical. Since most commercial disputes are eventually settled, businesses want them settled as early as possible, minimizing the disruption and legal expenses of late-stage settlements. During this webinar, a panel of six commercial mediators will show you how the Guided Choice approach to mediation can generate the results you are looking for. The areas discussed will include the following: The best mediators know how to find out, before any settlement negotiation begins, all the possible reasons for stalemate. These may involve not only differing opinions on law and facts, but also the decision making process used by companies and their decision makers. This program will show you what to look for. To “settle or not” always involves human behavioral characteristics. The panel will describe the tools you need to determine how positions were developed. These are the keys to understanding what has to happen for those positions to change. Advocates require information in order to negotiate effectively. The panel will show you proven techniques to efficiently satisfy those informational needs in expedited fashion.


Paul M. Lurie Adrian L. Bastinelli, III

Paul J. VanOsselaer

Steve W. Paul

Denise Madigan

Karl Bayer

Michael J. Leech

The AAA does not offer CLE in any jurisdiction for our on-demand programs, but you may be able to use a copy of the certificate available at the conclusion of the course to submit for CLE credit on your own (we recommend that you confirm availability of CLE in your jurisdiction for this type of course).

Total: USD $75.00