75 Minutes

Mediators are leaders whose advanced leadership skills are crucial to the successful management of the mediation process. Central to the ability to conduct a productive mediation is an understanding of behavioral dynamics and how it can be applied to improve outcomes.   During this 75-minute recorded webinar, you will gain an advanced understanding of behavior management and how best to channel it to produce a meeting of the minds among the parties and advocates in mediation. Areas covered include:

  • why mediators are leaders not advocates
  • the importance of leadership or “people skills” in mediation
  • how leaders identify and categorize mediation behaviors
  • the use of leadership “probes” to manage mediation
  • behavior models, including “combative,” “passive,” “congenial” and “pragmatic” negotiating behaviors and tactics
  • and much more.

If you are looking to elevate your mediation leadership skills, exercise more effective control over the process, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of party and advocate behavior, be sure to register for this program.

Gregory Hoffman, Hofmann Mediation Longboat Key, FL

The AAA does not offer CLE in any jurisdiction for our on-demand programs, but you may be able to use a copy of the certificate available at the conclusion of the course to submit for CLE credit on your own (we recommend that you confirm availability of CLE in your jurisdiction for this type of course).