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Locked Impasse: Mediating in the Red Zone

  • Published: Feb 5, 2024
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90 Minutes

As in a football game, even when you’ve advanced the ball with relative ease, there comes a point in every mediation where neither can side can or will make another move – a classic “goal line stance.” Facilitating negotiations after the parties reach such a stalemate requires special skills and techniques. This 90-minute webinar focuses on strategies and techniques mediators can use to build settlements and break through or help parties navigate around impasse in mediation. Among the areas examined are— What is impasse and what causes it at mediation? Techniques for moving beyond obstacles, including old standbys; impasse strategies for early in the negotiations; impasse strategies after considerable effort; and impasse strategies for late in the game. Whether there are ethical limits to how persistent a mediator should be. Settlement building – analytical and non-analytical input by mediators. Mediators and mediation advocates who register for this presentation will come away with broader insight into the causes of impasse so as to better avoid them, tips and techniques for navigating through impasse, an understanding of current ethical issues surrounding mediator treatment of impasse, and settlement building techniques that can reduce the likelihood of impasse.


Rebecca Callahan, Callahan Dispute Resolution Newport Beach, CA

Lynee Stern, New Orleans, LA

The AAA does not offer CLE in any jurisdiction for our on-demand programs, but you may be able to use a copy of the certificate available at the conclusion of the course to submit for CLE credit on your own (we recommend that you confirm availability of CLE in your jurisdiction for this type of course).

Total: USD $100.00