45 Minutes

The value of a well-written, customized arbitration clause cannot be overestimated, especially in light of the courts’ continued enforcement of arbitration agreements and the Federal Arbitration Act’s narrow grounds on which a court may vacate an arbitrator’s award. The agreement to arbitrate or mediate can empower the parties with a great deal of control over the process and the arbitrator who hears the case, or the mediator who assists the parties in settlement efforts.  Drafting a well-constructed dispute resolution clause can provide certainty by defining the process prior to a dispute, after which agreement becomes more problematic.   This presentation addresses the components and strategies for drafting arbitration agreements that are consistent with the contracting parties’ dispute resolution goals, and includes a discussion of terms that a party can include in an arbitration clause to reduce costs and streamline the process, such as venue clause; choice of law provision; format of the award; confidentiality provisions; assessment of attorneys’ fees and costs; whether the parties will engage in discovery and, if so, to what extent; number of arbitrators.

Dani Schwartz, Rosenberg & Estis, P.C. New York, NY

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