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Locked Business Essentials - Starting, Establishing and Growing Your Dispute Resolution Practice

  • Published: Feb 5, 2024
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120 Minutes

In the last decade or so, the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) field has grown enormously. During this same period, the number of professionals servicing this growth has increased exponentially. This is wonderful news for those supportive of parties’ rights to privately resolve their disputes in the manner best suited for them. This growth, however, presents challenges for current and aspiring arbitrators and mediators. The days of an aspiring arbitrator/mediator retiring from the bench, a law firm practice, or a corporate position, hanging out a shingle and being flooded with more cases than they can handle are largely over. The reason for this is not difficult to discern. While the number of ADR cases is growing, the number of arbitrators and mediators is growing even faster and, correspondingly, so is the competition to supply neutral services. To meet this competition and develop a thriving practice, it is important that ADR professionals qualitatively master their craft. This webinar will provide you with a comprehensive and fast-paced overview of the essential considerations, aspects and elements conducive to starting, establishing and growing a thriving dispute resolution practice. The speakers will present their insights, experiences and observations—developed in the trenches—on what works and what does not in developing an ADR practice. They will also share best practices, strategies and benchmarks for creating your own customized, viable and effective business, strategic and marketing plans.       

This recorded webinar addresses the following areas and questions:

  • The current state of the dispute resolution industry.
  • What is the “neutral” profession?
  • Should you become an arbitrator or mediator?
  • Becoming a competent arbitrator/mediator.
  • Starting your practice.
  • Marketing, servicing and maintaining your practice.
  • Servicing your caseload.
  • Growing your caseload.
  • The future of the dispute resolution industry.

The AAA does not offer CLE in any jurisdiction for our online programs, but you may be able to use a copy of the certificate available at the conclusion of the course to submit for CLE credit on your own (we recommend that you confirm availability of CLE in your jurisdiction for this type of course).

Total: USD $100.00