Meeta Bass

Bass Dispute Resolution Services, LLC
Dublin, OH

Ms. Bass has been on the Permanent Panel Arbitrators for the State of Ohio Office of Collective Bargaining and Ohio Civil Service Employees Association for 15 years. Trainer for management and union for internal mock arbitrations.  This panel also has nontraditional arbitrations, hearing comprised of document reviews and both sides are limited to one witness with a bench ruling at the end of the presentation.

She has been a factfinder with the State Employees Relations Board for five years. Responsible for conducting fact finding hearings and drafting reports, summarizing collective bargaining agreements, and recommending contract language when parties are at impasse in consideration of ability to pay, past bargaining history, lawful authority of public; employer, party stipulations and public interests and welfare. As factfinder, state law requires mediation of dispute prior to conducting hearing.

She has also been a Judicial Magistrate for 18 years, conducting thousands of evidentiary hearings, ruling on the admissibility of evidence, and issued thousands of decisions based upon evidence presented. Worked with attorneys and pro se litigants, always maintaining neutrality for the parties.

Prior arbitrator for the State of Ohio and the Troopers Association for three years; family mediator for the State of West Virginia for three years; and, handled local community arbitrations for Department of Jobs & Family Services and Metropolitan Housing.