Karen Bush Schneider, Esq.

White Schneider, P.C.
Lansing, MI

Karen concentrates her practice on employment, labor, and disability matters, helping both employers and employees pursue and protect their rights.  Karen works with businesses and government employers to maximize human resources and talent management in the workplace.  From hiring to employee evaluations and performance reviews to end-of-employment considerations, she is acutely aware of the impact that decisions in these areas can have on morale, product or service quality, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line.  Over the years, Karen has counseled a wide variety of clients including banks, manufacturers, physician practices and health care providers, insurance companies, municipalities, automobile dealerships, service providers, non-profit corporations and accountants and other professional services.


Considered an authority in labor law, Karen has negotiated numerous collective bargaining agreements and has represented labor and management in election proceedings, unfair labor practice charges, intra-union matters, and grievance and interest arbitrations.  She also has advocacy experience with various statutory claims raised under federal and state anti-discrimination laws, right to know acts, wage and hour laws, whistleblower protection acts and similar employment-related laws.


Karen is an adjunct professor at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School where she received the Frederick W. Griffiths Distinguished Teaching Award in 2000.  She also serves on the American Arbitration Association’s National Panel of Labor Arbitrators and the Michigan Employment Relations Commission’s Panel of Act 312 Interest Arbitrators for police and fire disputes.