Jeffrey W. Jacobs

Wilkerson & Hegna, P.L.L.P.
Minneapolis, MN


Jeff Jacobs has been a practicing attorney in Minnesota since 1980. He has arbitrated labor disputes for 17+ years and has authored over 600 final and binding labor arbitration decisions as well as hundreds of other final decisions under the Minnesota No-Fault Act, Workers Compensation Act as a State workers Compensation Judge and administrative law matters. He has many decisions published in the BNA Labor Arbitration reports as well as in the State of MN BMS, Iowa PERB and Wisconsin WERC sites. Prior to his becoming an arbitrator, Jeff that he practiced extensively in labor relations representing union and management clients in both the private and public sectors. He is on the Minnesota BMS, Iowa PERB, Wisconsin WERC, and FMCS arbitration lists as well as several permanent panels in both the public and private sector.




Jeff is a frequent lecturer at arbitration seminars and webinars around the country and has authored several articles in that area. In addition to his labor arbitration work, Jeff mediates civil and administrative matters in the District Courts and in the Minnesota Workers Compensation system.