Douglas Wigdor

Wigdor LLP
New York, NY

As a former Federal Law Clerk in the Eastern District of New York, an Assistant District Attorney, and a senior lawyer at a prominent management side employment firm, Douglas Wigdor brings his trial experience to bear, regularly trying cases in federal and state court as well as arbitration tribunals. Because of his trial abilities, he routinely settles cases, valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, through informal negotiations and mediation. His cases are regularly cited by other lawyers and judges in their judicial opinions.

Over the past eight years, the New York Law Journal has featured Mr. Douglas Wigdor and Wigdor LLP’s clients in top New York State verdicts six times, including the number one employment verdict in 2011, and the number two employment verdict and number one disability discrimination verdict in 2012. Douglas Wigdor also regularly appears in appellate courts, including the Second Circuit, New York Court of Appeals and First Department arguing some of the most ground-breaking and closely watched legal issues in the employment field.

Douglas Wigdor is also a lecturer, editor and author of articles on employment and criminal related subjects, having been quoted frequently in the New York Law Journal, presenting lectures to various Bar Associations, speaking at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and publishing articles in numerous journals. Douglas Wigdor also recently spoke at a Human Resources seminar on the topic of retaliation in the workplace and has been a feathered speaker at the American Conference Institute. In May 2013, at the request of The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Task Force, Douglas Wigdor testified on the Restoration of Rights and Status After Conviction. 

Douglas Wigdor had the honor of serving as a Federal Law Clerk to United States District Judge Arthur D. Spatt and was appointed as an Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County, New York; where he investigated, prosecuted and tried hundreds of criminal matters ranging from robberies and burglaries to complex schemes to defraud. Mr. Wigdor was rapidly promoted to the Complex Litigation Bureau where he both litigated and supervised the litigation of white collar matters — complex financial crimes, including organized crime, bank fraud, insurance fraud, tax evasion, identity theft and elder abuse. Because of the breadth of his criminal litigation experience, Douglas Wigdor was appointed under the Federal Criminal Justice Act to serve a three-year term, in the Eastern District of New York, as a criminal defense lawyer in selected criminal cases.

Douglas Wigdor received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis, cum laude, where he was a member of the Varsity Tennis Team; a Masters Degree from Oxford University in England; and his Juris Doctor from Catholic University School of Law in Washington, D.C., graduating in the top of his class. Douglas Wigdor was a Senior Staff Member on the Catholic University Law Review and an Editor of the Oxford International Review. While at Oxford, Douglas Wigdor received a coveted “Full-Blue” and was a member of the Vincent’s Club. More recently, Mr. Wigdor has lectured at Oxford and has been awarded the Alumnus of the Year in 2007 and 2014.