Debra Dupree, Psy.D.

Relationships at Work, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Dr. Debra Dupree is a Dispute Resolution Enthusiast, Workforce & Leadership Development Coach, International Trainer and Keynote Speaker, and Author.  

Debra has trained professionals throughout North America, Australia and the Pacific Rim in workplace mediation, the interactive process, and leadership strategies. She was voted in the top ten of worldwide trainers by SkillPath Corporate Strategies in the delivery of workplace skills communication and conflict resolution. She is an Advanced Practitioner in Workplace Mediation through the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) and a Panel Member for Employment Mediation through the American Arbitration Association (AAA). 

Her dissertation on the “Psychology of Good Bosses versus Bad Bosses” has evolved into a 90-day Leadership Bootcamp for Leading Consciously Now. She embraces the philosophy that MINDSET shapes our behavior and how we show up matters. particularly as leaders and mediators, going way beyond race, ethnicity, and religion. 

Debra served as the President of the California Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (CARP) when the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed when major changes to the California Workers’ Compensation were enacted by Legislature in 1994.  

Since then, she was featured in Newsweek as one of San Diego’s top psychotherapists, recognized by the Los Angeles Federal Executive Board for her workplace mediation expertise and mentorship, and distinguished as a leader in dispute resolution by the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) and the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).  

She served nationally as the Workplace Co-Chair and Newsletter Editor for the Workplace Section of ACR. She was also President of ADR-San Diego and currently serves on the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) Board of Directors, heading up the Employment Mediation Institute for 2022.  

She is an avid educator teaching at Cal Western School of Law in ADR, National University in Conflict Management Systems, Ryokan College in the field of psychology, California State University (CSUSM) in Leadership, and on the faculty for the AAA and Hong Kong Institute of Mediation (HKIM). With her co-mediator, Harold Coleman, they actively teach advanced techniques in mediation to lawyer advocates and mediators. 

Today, Debra is the founder and president of Relationships at Work, Inc., a consulting and dispute resolution practice founded in 2011 serving organizations and the professional community on the psychology of people in conflict. She is a Premier Mediator featured at