Ann Lesser

American Arbitration Association
New York, NY

Ann Lesser Esq. is the Vice President of the Labor, Employment and Elections Division of the American Arbitration Association in New York. She oversees the labor caseload, user outreach, election services, and panel of labor and employment neutrals in New York and New England. Ms. Lesser previously worked as counsel for the National Labor Relations Board in Region 29. She is dedicated to promoting ADR methods and services. Ann is a member of the New York State Bar Association.

Ann is an experienced attorney with a background in labor having worked at the National Labor Relations Board, Region 29, litigating unfair labor practice charges; representing the General Counsel in formal hearings before Administrative Law Judges and in federal court proceedings for injunctive relief and subpoena enforcement; writing briefs, memoranda, motions and preparing court papers for federal court proceedings; preparing and participating in oral case agendas; negotiating stipulations, and conducting hearings and elections in representation cases.

In addition she has strong community leadership experience from 2000 to present. She held several positions as PTA President at the pre-school, elementary school and middle school level, serving also as Executive Vice President for the United Parents Teacher's Council serving as a liaison between parents and school administrators and negotiating solutions to parental concerns, lobbying for new policies, developing new programs, sitting on several hiring committees for principals and assistant principals, participating in budget and legislative committees and attending Nassau County legislative hearings on behalf of the school district and representing the schools at Board of Education meetings.

Education:  Suffolk University Law School