Program TitleTopic
2021 AAA Construction Conference Series: Claims and Disputes Involving the Construction ManagerRecorded Webinar60 Minutes The roles and responsibilities of a construction manager are different, depending on whether the construction manager is serving throughout the project in an advisory ...ConstructionView Details
2021 AAA Construction Conference Series: Ethical Issues Arising in Multi-Party DisputesRecorded Webinar60 Minutes This presentation addresses the myriad of ethical issues that arise in multi-party mediations and arbitrations. Specifically, the panelists for the presentation consid...ConstructionView Details
2021 AAA Construction Conference Series: Fireside Chat with General Counsel Recorded Webinar85 Minutes Managing conflicts systematically is crucial to delivering complex projects on time and on budget. In this session, in-house counsel from leading construction companie...ConstructionView Details
2021 AAA Construction Conference Series: Maximizing the Arbitration ProcessRecorded Webinar60 Minutes A major advantage that arbitration has over litigation is the ability for the parties to design the process to be efficient and cost effective and fit the dispute and ...ConstructionView Details
2021 AAA Construction Conference Series: Understanding the Arbitral Decision-Making Model Recorded Webinar60 Minutes This presentation addresses differing arbitral decision-making philosophies and recent challenges to arbitral awards. The application of law, equity, fairness, and jus...ConstructionView Details
2021 AAA Construction Conference Series: Unique Considerations in Arbitrating International DisputesRecorded Webinar60 Minutes This presentation offers insights into some of the unique considerations in arbitrating international construction mega project disputes. Discussions include issues to...ConstructionView Details
A Practical Guide To The Consumer Arbitration ProcessRecorded WebinarA link to this recorded webinar's supplemental material appears at left.  You may download the materials once you have registered for the recording. 90 Minutes Millions of cons...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
AAA A La Carte ServicesRecorded Webinar9 Minutes The American Arbitration Association® is well known for specializing in beginning-to-end administered arbitration as a cost-effective alternative to litigation. While t...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
AAA Healthcare Webinar Series: Appellate Remedies for Healthcare ArbitrationsRecorded Webinar70 Minutes How does “appeal” apply in arbitration, and what are the appellate procedures?  Learn how to prepare and present your appellate arbitration case. Faculty Hon. Joseph...CommercialView Details
AAA Healthcare Webinar Series: Presenting an Efficient Case for In-Person or Virtual Hearings Recorded Webinar85 Minutes You often ask; “I wonder how arbitrators view various aspects of arbitrations?”  Well, during this six-part series, you will hear from seasoned healthcare arbitrators ...CommercialView Details
AAA Healthcare Webinar Series: The Healthcare Arbitration AwardRecorded Webinar90 Minutes What do arbitrators contemplate during deliberation and while preparing the Award? Clarify the differences among awards: standard, reasoned, and findings of facts and ...CommercialView Details
AAA’s Administrative Review CouncilRecorded Webinar19 Minutes In 2013, the American Arbitration Association® created the Administrative Review Council (ARC) to resolve certain administrative issues arising on large, complex domes...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Addressing the Challenges of Demanding Arbitrations: Part 1 - The Pre-Hearing LandscapeRecorded Webinar110 Minutes Arbitration can be a quick, efficient, fair and cost-effective process for the final resolution of almost any dispute. However, roadblocks to accessing arbitration’s ...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Addressing the Challenges of Demanding Arbitrations: Part 2 - The Hearing Phase, the Award, and MoreRecorded Webinar90 MinutesArbitration can be a quick, efficient, fair and cost-effective process for the final resolution of almost any dispute. However, roadblocks to accessing arbitration’s ple...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Administered vs. Ad Hoc Arbitration - Which Should You Choose?Recorded Webinar60 Minutes Counsel who lack a thorough understanding of arbitration are often unwilling to trust the process and may be inclined to resort to the “comfort zone” of litigation. Ef...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Arbitral ImmunityRecorded Webinar60 Minutes  Arbitral immunity refers to the immunity that is extended to arbitrators for acts arising from and within the scope of their arbitral functions. The arbitrator’s role...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Arbitrating Blockchain, Smart Contract & Smart Legal Contract DisputesRecorded WebinarTime: 100 Minutes The future of contracting is here. The webinar addresses block chains, smart contracts and smart legal contracts from a very high, yet informative level designe...CommercialView Details
Arbitrating Domestic and International Life Science DisputesRecorded Webinar2 Hours 20 Minutes This is two-part recorded webinar provides practical tips for resolving domestic and international life science disputes.  In addition, it offers perspectives ...Construction,InternationalView Details
Arbitrating in the Cyber World of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain RegimesRecorded WebinarAAA Arbitrator Ernest Badway and securities expert, Kristen Howell, explore the interesting interplay of cryptocurrency, distributed ledger, blockchain, and cyber security environ...CommercialView Details
Arbitrating Technology DisputesRecorded Webinar75 Minutes ARBITRATING TECHNOLOGY DISPUTES   Peter Michaelson & Sherman Kahn                                   Technology disputes typically involve intellectual property iss...CommercialView Details
Arbitration of a Commercial DisputeSelf-Paced Online Study30 Minutes This video demonstrates the entire process of a commercial arbitration hearing, from the panel chairperson's opening statement through parties' closing arguments.CommercialView Details
Arbitration of Disputes in Government Contracting Recorded Webinar75 Minutes Private companies that contract with each other to pursue or perform government contracts are hardly immune from encountering disagreements among themselves. Much like...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Arbitrator Subpoenas - Are They Worth the Paper They're Printed On? Recorded Webinar75 Minutes Under many arbitration statutes, the arbitrator can issue subpoenas either at the request of a party or independently. There are, however, numerous challenges, frustra...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Arbitrator Technology and Case Management PracticesRecorded WebinarIn this 60-minute recorded webinar moderated by Steven K. Andersen, ICDR Canada, Canadian arbitrators and advocate professionals Tina Cicchetti (Cicchetti Arbitration), Christina ...International,Commercial,Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things: What Do They Mean for Your Construction Project?Recorded Webinar60 Minutes What will the construction project of the future look like? As technology progresses, how will the interaction between humans change? This 60-minute recorded webinar l...ConstructionView Details
Best Practices for Counsel: Mediating and Arbitrating The Complex Commercial CaseRecorded Webinar60 Minutes Large complex commercial disputes often involve multiple parties and contracts, intensive and complicated factual scenarios, and high financial stakes (usually in exce...CommercialView Details
Best Practices In Commercial ArbitrationRecorded Webinar60 Minutes As an advocate, you want to present the strongest case before an arbitrator that you possibly can for your client. You might be surprised, however, at the mistakes tha...CommercialView Details
Business Essentials - Starting, Establishing and Growing Your Dispute Resolution PracticeRecorded Webinar120 Minutes In the last decade or so, the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) field has grown enormously. During this same period, the number of professionals servicing this gro...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Can We Reach a Fair Settlement? Resolving Construction Disputes Recorded Webinar50 Minutes As the adage goes, “A good settlement is one in which neither party is happy”. Parties in construction disputes need to adjust expectations and how they approach settl...ConstructionView Details
Clarity in Award Writing Recorded Webinar60 Minutes Reasoned awards have become the standard rather than the exception in arbitration. One result is that, increasingly, advocates may use reasoned awards to try to vacate...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Complex Technology and eDiscovery Disputes during COVID-19: How Special Masters Can HelpRecorded Webinar60 Minutes Technology cases and eDiscovery disputes have gotten more complex since the coronavirus has transformed the workplace into primarily an online one, without the typical...CommercialView Details
Consolidation and Joinder In Construction Arbitration - Ignorance Is Not BlissRecorded Webinar90 Minutes This 90-minute recorded webinar examines the new rules for consolidation and joinder, what constitutes appropriate use, and how arbitrators should respond to inappropr...ConstructionView Details
Construction Mediation and the User Experience: Pathways to Settlement and SatisfactionRecorded WebinarA link to this recorded webinar's supplemental material appears at left.  You may download the materials once you have registered for the recording. 90 Minutes Construction ind...ConstructionView Details
COVID 19: Discrimination Issues for Every Employer and PractitionerRecorded Webinar60 Minutes This recorded presentation addresses numerous discrimination issues based on race, color, national origin, disability, gender and caregivers. Solutions and practical s...EmploymentView Details
Dealing With the Pro Se Party in Mediation and ArbitrationRecorded Webinar90 Minutes   Using the American Arbitration Association® Commercial Rules as the governing procedures, the speakers provide practical solutions to issues that commonly arise whe...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Dispositive Motions in Arbitration - Best Practices for Advocates & ArbitratorsRecorded Webinar90 minutes When it comes to dispositive motions, certainly a claim made in arbitration could be just as suitable for disposition without a full evidentiary hearing as a claim mad...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Does the Federal Arbitration Act Preempt State Laws Banning the Mandatory Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Claims?Recorded Webinar30 Minutes Recent New York State law prohibits mandatory arbitration provisions in sexual harassment claims. The law also makes mandatory arbitration clauses for sexual harassmen...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Drafting Arbitration Clauses - The Basics and BeyondRecorded Webinar45 Minutes The value of a well-written, customized arbitration clause cannot be overestimated, especially in light of the courts’ continued enforcement of arbitration agreements ...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Effective Use of Dispute Resolution BoardsRecorded Webinar90 Minutes Dispute Resolution Boards (DRBs) provide a confidential forum and experts familiar with the technical issues associated with a construction project in order to prevent...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Employment Law Implications of a Remote WorkplaceRecorded Webinar80 Minutes This recorded presentation addresses the issues related to remote workplaces that employers have had to face as they shifted their workforce to remote offices and home...EmploymentView Details
Employment Law Webinar SeriesRecorded WebinarTotal Series Time: Approximately 4 hours “The Era of COVID-19: The Dynamic Changes in the Workplace” After a year of turmoil and as we begin to shift toward a post-pandemic era,...EmploymentView Details
Exercises for Improving Impartiality: Becoming a Better Arbitrator Recorded Webinar30 Minutes The most fundamental attribute of an arbitrator should be their ability to assess evidence and make decisions free from pre-conceived notions or biases. In a word: neu...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Fundamentals of Effective Mediation AdvocacySelf-Paced Online StudyThis is a self-paced online study course you can take and complete at your leisure. It is designed to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the mediation process in gen...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Game-Changing Arbitration Cases - Impacts On Construction Arbitration Recorded Webinar90 Minutes AAA Rules and recent cases interpreting the Federal Arbitration Act significantly expand the powers of arbitrators to rule on important issues such as jurisdiction, ar...ConstructionView Details
Getting Started in ADR: A How To for Women AttorneysRecorded Webinar60 Minutes This 60-minute recorded roundtable discussion addresses the importance of diversity in the field of ADR featuring AAA/ICDR arbitrators Maureen Beyers, Melinda Jayson a...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Grievance Processing - Contract AdministrationRecorded Webinar1.75 Hours In this presentation, participants will learn from an experienced faculty about the important information and the essential facts needed to understand and administer t...LaborView Details
Grievance Processing - Elements of the Grievance ProceduresRecorded Webinar60 Minutes In this presentation, participants will learn from experienced faculty about the intricate details that define the grievance procedures.  The faculty focuses on the fo...LaborView Details
Grievance Processing - Processing a GrievanceRecorded Webinar2 hours 10 minutes In this presentation, participants will learn from our experienced faculty about guidelines and best practices when processing their next grievance.  There are...LaborView Details
Guided Choice - Innovations in Mediation to Get Better Settlements at Less CostRecorded Webinar90 Minutes   Most complex commercial disputes settle before awards and judgments. Yet, in court and often in arbitration, today’s litigation community often resists serious sett...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Healthcare Webinar Series: Pointers on Drafting ADR Clauses into Healthcare ContractsRecorded Webinar75 Minutes In this recorded webinar presentation, the speakers provide their perspectives on what attorneys should consider when drafting healthcare ADR contract provisions; what...CommercialView Details
Healthcare Webinar Series: The Healthcare Arbitration Preliminary HearingRecorded Webinar86 Minutes This recorded presentation will arm you with the information you will need to prepare your clients and guide them through the preliminary hearing. Senior healthcare ar...CommercialView Details
Healthcare Webinar Series: You Have Been Served - Considerations to Maximize Arbitration's BenefitsRecorded Webinar90 Minutes In this recorded presentation, arbitrators and veteran case administrators share how to establish the framework for your arbitration. Topics include hearing locale, nu...CommercialView Details
How Do We Get the War Stories if We Are Never Allowed to Go to Battle?Recorded Webinar60 Minutes Young attorneys typically go from classrooms and textbooks (with relatively little practical experience before the day they are sworn in) to the shadow of computer scr...ConstructionView Details
How to Effectively Deal With the 300 Change Order DisputeRecorded Webinar60 Minutes We’ve all heard about the case involving tens if not hundreds of individual change orders that need to be decided. In this recorded webinar experienced construction in...ConstructionView Details
How To Help Your ArbitratorRecorded Webinar90 minutes Arbitration is intended to be an expeditious, cost-effective and just method of dispute resolution.  It also provides the flexibility to shape and conduct a proceeding...Complimentary Presentations,LaborView Details
How You Can Make the Most of Mediation’s Global Growth Recorded WebinarA link to this recorded webinar's supplemental material appears at left.  You may download the materials once you have registered for the recording. 60 Minutes The use of media...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Impasse: Mediating in the Red ZoneRecorded Webinar90 Minutes As in a football game, even when you’ve advanced the ball with relative ease, there comes a point in every mediation where neither can side can or will make another mo...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Imposing Sanctions in Arbitration - Just How Far Can You GoRecorded Webinar60 minutes Traditionally, the matter of sanctions in arbitration has been a murky one. While the courts have wielded largely unrestricted power to enforce rules and orders, the a...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Introducing Documentary Evidence in ArbitrationsRecorded Webinar80 Minutes The ground rules pertaining to evidence in arbitration can be unexpected for those not familiar with the arbitral environment, and while arbitration is less formal tha...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Labor Advocacy - Building Your Case for Arbitration Recorded Webinar2 hours 20 minutes By listening to this presentation, participants will learn from our experienced faculty about not only how to prepare for their next arbitration case, but also...LaborView Details
Labor Advocacy - Managing the Challenges of Presenting Your Case in Labor ArbitrationRecorded Webinar2 hours By listening to this presentation, participants will learn from our experienced faculty about how to manage the many challenges that may occur while preparing your case f...LaborView Details
Labor Advocacy - Preparing for the Arbitration HearingRecorded Webinar1 hour 55 minutes By listening to this presentation, participants will learn from our experienced faculty about how to prepare for their next arbitration case.   The faculty focu...LaborView Details
Labor Advocacy Webinar SeriesRecorded WebinarTotal Series Time: Approximately 6 hours 15 minutes 1.  Labor Advocacy - Preparing for the Arbitration Hearing (1 hour 55 minutes) By listening to this presentation, participant...LaborView Details
Labor Grievance Processing Webinar SeriesRecorded WebinarTotal Series Time: Approximately 5 hours The effective presentation of a grievance in arbitration often depends upon the work done earlier in the grievance process.  Most contrac...LaborView Details
Leaves of Absence and Reasonable Accommodations in a Semi-Vaccinated WorldRecorded Webinar90 Minutes This recorded presentation addresses often tricky and overlapping leave of absence issues arising under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family and Me...EmploymentView Details
Legal Terms for Non-LawyersRecorded Webinar50 Minutes This 50-minute recorded webinar is specifically designed to provide arbitrators (or other participants in an arbitration proceeding) who have no education or traini...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Life Science Arbitration Clauses - Drafting Trends and Options Recorded Webinar75 Minutes The panel in this recorded webinar discusses trends in arbitration agreements and explore approaches to promote the efficient and cost effective resolution of domestic...CommercialView Details
Mediation Advocacy: How to Get the Most Out of Your Next MediationRecorded Webinar60 Minutes Too many litigators fail to understand that effective mediation advocacy is not the same as zealous litigation advocacy.  In this focused, 60-minute recorded webinar f...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Mediation of a Construction DisputeSelf-Paced Online StudyThis video shows how a mediation unfolds-from the decision to mediate to the settlement-and for what counsel, business people, and anyone anticipating involvement in the mediation...ConstructionView Details
Minimizing Risks of Ethical Dilemmas at Arbitration (Recorded Webinar)Recorded WebinarApproximately 60 Minutes What can counsel do to minimize the inherent risks of ethical dilemmas arising at arbitration? To answer that question, get practitioner and arbitrator i...ConstructionView Details
Motion Practice Under AAA Rules: What You Need to KnowRecorded Webinar60 Minutes Dispositive motions in arbitration may be just as appropriate—and may be just as beneficial from a time and cost standpoint--as those made in court. Yet, there remains...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Navigating the Evidence & Discovery Roadmap in Arbitration Recorded Webinar90 Minutes Arbitration is less formal than litigation, and arbitrators are not required to follow the rules of evidence. At the same time, many of the rules of evidence are groun...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Neutral Selection for Regular Track Cases: Tips From the Front LineRecorded Webinar55 Minutes This 55-minute recorded webinar addresses the selection of arbitrators and mediators for Regular Track cases.  This presentation, conducted by two very knowledgeable a...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Neutral Selection for the Large Arbitration Case: Tips From the Front LineRecorded Webinar146 Minutes This 146-minute recorded webinar addresses the selection of arbitrators and mediators for large cases.  This highly detailed presentation, conducted by two very knowl...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
People Skills and Mediation: Improving Communication and Avoiding ChaosRecorded Webinar75 Minutes     Mediators are leaders whose advanced leadership skills are crucial to the successful management of the mediation process. Central to the ability to conduct a prod...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Practical Tips in Franchise Arbitration: With Speed, Fairness, and Cost in MindRecorded Webinar105 Minutes The AAA® has implemented a number of tools to assist parties in more effectively managing their franchise arbitration cases. These enhancements include:   -  Access ...CommercialView Details
Preparing for Virtual Arbitration Hearings: Tips and Best Practices for CounselRecorded Webinar80 Minutes The effects of COVID-19 have greatly impacted individuals, businesses and organizations, and the means of resolving disputes have also changed. The alternative dispute...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Recommendations and Observations from a Lifetime in ArbitrationRecorded Webinar50 Minutes In this 50-minute complimentary recorded webinar Arbitrator Norman Ashton Klinger shares a variety of valuable insights from his more than 40 years of experience as a ...Complimentary Presentations,LaborView Details
Restoring the Arbitration Promise: Fair Neutral EfficiencyRecorded Webinar50 Minutes Attorneys, parties and arbitrators have all seen where arbitrations have increasingly mirrored the more time consuming and elongated practices of litigation.  Why?  An...CommercialView Details
Return Arbitration to its ADR RootsRecorded Webinar20 Minutes This 20-minute presentation highlights arbitration’s flexibility to provide parties in dispute with the opportunity to be creative in fashioning solutions that save ti...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Saving Substantial Cost in Complex Commercial ArbitrationRecorded Webinar60 Minutes Arbitration offers the potential for saving significant time and cost in resolving disputes.  The speakers, drawing from their experience as ICDR emergency arbitrators...Construction,Commercial,Employment,Complimentary PresentationsView Details
So You Want to Become a Mediator: Here’s What You Need to KnowRecorded WebinarA link to this recorded webinar's supplemental material appears at left.  You may download the materials once you have registered for the recording. 60 Minutes Mediation as an ...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Special Masters in Electronic DiscoveryRecorded Webinar60 Minutes Disputes involving electronically stored information are expected to increase exponentially in both quantity and complexity.  These disputes relate to the preservation...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Successful Delivery of Construction Projects in the US and AbroadRecorded Webinar90 Minutes This recorded presentation discusses the characteristics of a successful construction project and looks at domestic and international contractual considerations as the...ConstructionView Details
The “How To” of Presenting Damages in ArbitrationRecorded Webinar60 Minutes It may seem obvious that damages are a critical component of any arbitration. Yet, preparations to prove, resist, or mitigate damages often languish until the eve of t...Construction,CommercialView Details
The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Keys to Claims Prevention and MitigationRecorded Webinar60 Minutes As owners and contractors alike become more sophisticated, the “usual suspects” still plague every project from a small apartment complex to a large oil and gas mega p...ConstructionView Details
The Nuts and Bolts of an Arbitration Hearing - Procedure, Evidence and Practicalities Recorded Webinar80 Minutes Arbitration hearings can be much more flexible than a trial in court. Experienced arbitrators and advocates know that the arbitration hearing often can be tailored to ...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
The Preliminary Hearing Recorded Webinar35 Minutes  The Preliminary Hearing can be used to position the management of a case on an efficient, economical and effective path. Attorneys representing clients in arbitration...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
Understanding the Stages of Arbitration and Why Each State is ImportantRecorded Webinar60 Minutes Success in arbitration is attributable to a number of factors, including knowledge of the process by all participants. This webinar, presented by attorney and arbitrat...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
Using Guided Choice to Increase Satisfaction with the Value of MediatorsRecorded Webinar102 Minutes Obtaining a positive result in mediation is important. Getting there in an efficient and expedited fashion is just as important to the business parties for whom effec...Construction,CommercialView Details
Virtual Employment Mediation (Recorded Presentation)Recorded Webinar80 Minutes With the use of anecdotal and empirical evidence, this recorded webinar explores the outcomes and findings to date concerning the effectiveness of using virtual platfo...Employment,Complimentary PresentationsView Details
What Arbitrators and Mediators Need to Know about eDiscoveryRecorded Webinar75 Minutes In 2021 every Arbitrator and Mediator is confronted with complex eDiscovery issues, and this presentation will address many of the important ways to help resolve eDisc...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
When Experts Come From Different Planets - Tips for Maximizing the Value of ExpertsRecorded Webinar60 Minutes Expert testimony is a necessary part of many arbitrations that involve technical subject matter or complex economics and accounting. Parties and their advocates may pu...Construction,CommercialView Details
Writing Arbitration AwardsRecorded Webinar80 Minutes The award is one of the most important reasons parties engage in arbitration. Relegating the award to an afterthought, and allowing the other elements of the hearing t...Construction,Commercial,EmploymentView Details
AAA - ICDR Life Science Webinar Part 1 - Tips for Drafting and Implementing ADR Clauses Recorded WebinarThe panel will share insights on what to consider when drafting domestic and international life sciences ADR clauses. The discussion will focus on how to best integrate alternativ...International,CommercialView Details
AAA - ICDR Life Science Webinar Part 2 - The Preliminary Hearing Recorded Webinar90 Minutes This is part 2 of a 4 Part Series on Best Practices to Save Time & Money for resolving domestic and international life sciences disputes.  You will hear from seasoned ...International,CommercialView Details
The Role of NFTs in the Metaverse - Arbitration of Metaverse Disputes Recorded Webinar60 Minutes AAA Arbitrators Sandra Jeskie and Ernest Badway explore the interesting interplay of the metaverse and its relationship with the use of Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs) as pr...CommercialView Details
How Decision-Making Science Can Make You a Better ArbitratorRecorded Webinar35 Minutes Decision-making science reveals how silent mental shortcuts (heuristics) like confirmation bias, anchoring, and affect, together with premature reliance on intuition c...Complimentary PresentationsView Details
AAA - ICDR Life Science Series - Part 3 - Presenting an Efficient Case Recorded Webinar90 Minutes During this session, life sciences domestic and international arbitrators and advocates will share how to prepare and conduct your client’s position most effectively f...International,CommercialView Details
AAA - ICDR Life Sciences Series Part 4 -The Arbitration AwardRecorded WebinarWhat do domestic and international arbitrators contemplate during the deliberation and preparation of the Award?  The differences for standard, Reason v. Findings of Facts and Con...International,CommercialView Details
The Key Ingredients of a Successful Employment Arbitration Recorded Webinar130 Minutes Preparation is essential to the successful presentation of an employment arbitration case. The AAA employment arbitration process is comprised of a well-defined set...EmploymentView Details
Introduction to Collective Bargaining: The First Step is Preparation Recorded Webinar40 Minutes As is so often the case, preparation leads to success, and that is certainly true for collective bargaining.  Not surprisingly, the process of preparing and the issue...LaborView Details
Everything an Advocate Needs to Know About Winning Attorney Fees and Costs in an Arbitration (PRW)Recorded Webinar90 Minutes Attorney fees, arbitration costs and interest often constitute a significant portion of an arbitration award. This Webinar focuses on how arbitrators decide whether to...CommercialView Details
Is it a real emergency? Understanding Emergency Measures of Protection - Recorded WebinarRecorded WebinarThe program will provide practitioners with a thorough understanding of the process of requesting Emergency measures of protection under the AAA's commercial arbitration rules and...CommercialView Details
Employment Mock Hearing (Pre-Recorded Webinar) Recorded WebinarThis webinar will provide a walk-through and demonstration of what a hearing looks like, including the perspective of three experienced employment attorneys. Highlights of the moc...EmploymentView Details