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Course TypeCourse CategorySessionStartDateDateEvent Title
Aug 17 - 262021
Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills for Global Commerce Format: ClassroomThis online interactive advanced mediation advocacy course will explore the legal, cultural, and regulatory frameworks within which to navigate the negotiation and mediation of international cross-border disputes. Parti...View Details
MediationCommercial202110082021-10-08T08:00:00San Francisco, CA
Oct 08 2021
Advanced Mediator Training Series: Managing the Dynamics of a Multi-Party Case Format: ClassroomThis highly interactive 1-Day program, based on an actual six-party mediation involving eleven participants, provides mediation practitioners the opportunity to engage in high-level discussions on a number of issues cru...View Details
MediationCommercial,Construction,Employment202109282021-09-28T08:30:00New York, NY
Sep 28 - Oct 012021
Mediator Essentials: Skills for Facilitating Negotiated Agreements Format: ClassroomThis 32-hour course, provides a comprehensive immersion into the essential skills and knowledge required of all mediators. The standard curriculum provides the needed introductory training for practicing mediators and a...View Details