Addressing the Challenges of Demanding Arbitrations: Part 1 - The Pre-Hearing Landscape

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Faculty and Summary

Reginald Holmes
Reginald A.Holmes

The Holmes Law Firm
Pasadena, CA

Merriann Panarella
Merriann M.Panarella

Arbitrator, Mediator, Consultant
Natick, MA

110 Minutes

Arbitration can be a quick, efficient, fair and cost-effective process for the final resolution of almost any dispute. However, roadblocks to accessing arbitration’s plethora of benefits abound. During the arbitration process counsel can object and delay; parties can disrupt and not pay; fellow arbitrators on a multi-arbitrator panel can quarrel and dissent; and courts can interfere and enjoin. Clearly, even the best laid plans and intentions of arbitrators, counsel and the parties to leverage the benefits of the arbitration process can go astray in the face of challenging, sabotaging, or unexpected developments. The answers to these challenges lie in the application of good case management skills and decision-making processes by the arbitrators.

This 110-minute recorded webinar, Part 1 of the speakers’ “Critical Issues” series, provides practical techniques and tips on addressing the oft-times thorny issues that present themselves during the pre-hearing phase of an arbitration and threaten to diminish the benefits of the process. Part 2 of this program, which addresses overcoming obstacles and challenges during the hearing phase and beyond, is also available for purchase in the list of Online/Recorded Courses.  

Areas covered in this webinar include--  

  • Setting the stage (avoiding disqualifying activities; the well-conceived disclosure; social media concerns; interviews; effective use of instructional letters);
  • The preliminary hearing (the agenda; process confirmation; expectation of counsel; issue spotting; scheduling; preliminary issues that lead to good case management);
  • Pre-hearing issues (discovery; protective orders; intentional delay; non-payment of fees; panel member difficulties; court injunctions and directives);
  • Eve of the hearing obstacles (unavailable witness; newly discovered evidence; late addition of claims or parties; venue and counsel issues; expert witness problems; requests to continue);     

and more.

At the conclusion of this webinar you will have practical techniques and methods for overcoming pre-hearing-phase obstacles to the achievement of an efficient, fair and effective arbitration process.

WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS PRESENTATION:  Arbitrators, advocates/lawyers, parties, academics, and those charged with the disposition of significant arbitration matters for their clients, companies, or organizations.

What others are saying about this presentation...

"Both  speakers obviously draw on a wealth of knowledge and offered a systematic way to approach thorny issues that often occur leading up to the hearing."

"An excellent webinar experience chock full of actionable information.  I look forward to Part 2."

"Presenters were very knowledgeable about the arbitration process including the pitfalls. As they spoke I began to think of similar experiences in my practice and wished I had taken this program earlier."

"This was a thorough and well-thought-out program with great speakers and great value.  They brought up nuances and situations I had not yet seen in my cases."

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This program does not qualify for the AAA's annual Arbitrator Continuing Education (ACE) requirement.  

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