ICDR Handbook on International Arbitration Practice - Second Edition

ICDR Handbook on International Arbitration Practice - Second Edition

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Assembled from Dispute Resolution Journal - the flagship publication of the American Arbitration Association -  the chapters in the Handbook have all, where necessary, been revised and updated prior to publication.  The  book is succinct, comprehensive and a practical introduction to the use of arbitration and ADR, written by leading practitioners and scholars. The Handbook has discussions of such topics as confidentiality in arbitration, tips for beginning practitioners, cultural issues in arbitration, and the contrast of civil and common law approaches.  International forum selection is discussed, including whether national or regional centers are viable options, and how to save time and money in cross-border disputes. A range of other issues are discussed, such as interim and emergency relief, the use of a preliminary hearing letter, time-management techniques, and discovery and evidence. 

Ethical concerns are also discussed, including a comparison of arbitrator standards of conduct in international trade and investment disputes, dealing with arbitrator conflicts, and arbitrator disclosure standards.  Finally, the work addresses the topics of damages and the review and enforcement of international arbitration awards, including interpretations under the New York Convention. 

The chapters were selected from an extensive body of writings and, in the main, represent world-class assessments of arbitration and ADR practice. All the major facets of the field are addressed and provide the reader with comprehensive and accurate information, lucid evaluations, and an indication of future developments. They not only acquaint, but also ground the reader in the field.

Hardcover 462 pages.

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