AAA Yearbook on Arbitration and the Law – 30th Edition

AAA Yearbook on Arbitration and the Law – 30th Edition

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The 30th edition of the AAA Yearbook on Arbitration & the Law continues the ongoing annual tradition of providing comprehensive coverage of the most significant arbitration-related cases of the past year, along with important commentary and interpretation.  

While many of the cases included in this edition of the Yearbook relate to issues that arise with regular frequency in any given year, they remain fundamental to the development of arbitration law and continue to shape the practice of arbitrators and parties to arbitration proceedings. These cases address disputes regarding the formation of contracts and arbitration agreements, arbitrability, enforceability and jurisdiction, the preemption of the Federal Arbitration Act over state arbitration laws and state court decisions, and more.  

The Yearbook also takes an in-depth look at the arbitral tribunal, including arbitrator immunity, grounds for disqualification, as well as procedural matters such as the applicability of res judicata and collateral estoppel in arbitration, and challenges to the award. There is also continued coverage of decisions issuing from disputes arising out of international/cross-border commercial transactions. 

Finally, the Yearbook’s inclusion of a guide to cases which reference the AAA’s Rules provides a tremendously valuable tool to anyone who is involved in arbitration as a practitioner.

Hardcover 418 pages.

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