AAA Yearbook on Arbitration & the Law – 28th Edition

AAA Yearbook on Arbitration & the Law – 28th Edition

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The 28th Edition of the AAA Yearbook on Arbitration and the Law continues the tradition of providing thoughtful commentary and guidance on legal developments that have taken place in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  These developments continue to have a significant impact on the way that disputes are resolved both domestically and internationally. 

Topics discussed in this edition of the Yearbook include contract formation, state contract law defenses, public policy defenses (unconscionability), defective (unenforceable) arbitration agreements, waiver of the right to arbitrate, scope of the arbitration agreement, arbitrability, severability/separability, non-signatories, class arbitration, choice of law and forum, evident partiality, interim relief, arbitral subpoenas and pre-hearing discovery, judicial review, manifest disregard, enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, and more.      

Readers will also find useful a section devoted to cases from state and federal courts around the country that discuss and analyze the AAA's various arbitration rules.

The thorough coverage in the AAA Yearbook of these matters, in addition to many others, will serve as a valuable source of information to practitioners, academics, arbitrators, and those with an interest in ADR.

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