AAA Handbook on Mediation – 3rd Edition

AAA Handbook on Mediation – 3rd Edition

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Among the 73 articles in this volume are the following: “What Parties Might Be Giving Up and Gaining When Deciding Not to Litigate: A Comparison of Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation”; “Using Performative, Distributive, Integrative and Transformative Negotiation Principles in Mediation”; “Ten Ways to Use Mediation to Assess Risk More Effectively”; “Ten Ingredients for an Effective Mediation”; “Tips for Managing the Mega-Mediation”; “Some Guidelines for Effective Advocacy in Mediation”; “The Value of Economic Analysis in Preparing for Mediation”; “Impartiality  v. Substantive Neutrality: Is the Mediator Authorized to Provide Legal Advice?”; “Bridging Cultural Gaps in Mediation”; “Experts in Mediation: Catalysts for Resolution”; “Establishing a Mediation Practice: Advice for Lawyers”; “Nuances of Med/Arb: A Neutral’s Perspective”; “Ethics and Mediation: Managing Conflicts of Interest and Use of Advanced Waivers of Conflicts”.    

Hardcover, 2016, 919 pages

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