AAA Handbook on Labor Arbitration and ADR – 3rd Edition

AAA Handbook on Labor Arbitration and ADR – 3rd Edition

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The AAA Handbook on Labor Arbitration and ADR, assembles from Dispute Resolution Journal - the flagship publication of the American Arbitration Association - the chapters in the Handbook have all, where necessary, been revised and updated prior to publication. The book is succinct, comprehensive and a practical introduction to the use of arbitration and ADR, written by leading practitioners and scholars. The Handbook begins with chapters on specific issues related to labor arbitration, including an analysis of factors present in challenged and vacated arbitration awards, job discrimination claims under collective bargaining agreements, and ambiguities in labor contracts. The practitioner is provided with information regarding labor arbitration procedures, including a discussion of the rules of evidence, grievance processing, public policy exceptions to labor arbitration awards, and Weingarten rights in the non-union workplace. Among the topics discussed are what arbitrators should know about arbitral immunity, suggestions for labor arbitration advocates, award writing, and how unions can improve their success rate in labor arbitrations. Lastly, this book addresses judicial review of labor arbitrations.

The chapters were selected from an extensive body of writings and, in the main, represent world-class assessments of arbitration and ADR practice. All the major facets of the field are addressed and provide the reader with comprehensive and accurate information, lucid evaluations, and an indication of future developments. They not only acquaint, but also ground the reader in the field.

Hardcover, 316 pages.

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