AAA Handbook on Arbitration Practice – 2nd Edition

AAA Handbook on Arbitration Practice – 2nd Edition

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The Handbooks assemble from the Dispute Resolution Journal—the flagship publication of the AAA—and other sources, the leading professional writing in areas in which arbitration and ADR are likely to apply. These hardcover volumes provide essential orientation and are a must for anyone with an interest in the field of ADR. The contents address cutting edge issues of relevance in the field: class action arbitration, punitive damages awards, mediator and arbitrator selection, effective advocacy, interim relief, and many others. The authors are recognized specialists who provide thorough analysis, practical answers to problems that have emerged in the field, and overall world-class assessments of arbitration and ADR practice.

Areas covered in this volume include: Issues in Arbitration Practices and Procedure; Key Ingredients for a Better Arbitration; Arbitrator Selection and Conduct; Arbitration Procedure; Discovery and Evidence; Ethics; Damages, Judicial Review and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards.

Hardcover, 2016, 654 pages

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